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Design Process

My design process largely revolves around systematically challenging project goals and limitations using iterations of research based critical experimentation. 

5. Critical Experimentation: Make and ideate with a critical eye. Moodboards, sketching, trend research! Forecasting and sustainability evaluations.

6. Research-based Prototype: Produce a justified artifact and proposed strategy for introduction, integration and sustainment.

7. Work with Client to Test Solution: Test solution success with as much liberty as the client allows.

1. Understand Client & Audience: Whose language are we speaking? Who are we serving? What is actually required/desired?

2. Explore Context & Systems: Culture, context & connotations. What are the relationships that surround this situation? SWOT. 

3. Frame True Problem: Translate client prompt into my
problem to solve.

4. Identify Bounds: Identify and define limitations. Pencil them in to challenge them later.

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Conveying complex narratives through typographic  graphic design

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Conveying complex narratives through typographic  graphic design


Kering UX/UI Design

Designing print and digital presences with consistent and cohesive branding.


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