CFDA Awarded Creative Direction

I designed a magazine that outlines creative direction for a  womenswear collection.  I use metaphors that empower black women to combat colorism in their community.  It was chosen for the Council of Fashion Designer's of America Fashion Futures Graduate Showcase 2021. 



& machine-sewn samples, natural dyeing, photography and pencil sketches 

My Design Process

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A Simplified Linear Version of an Iterative Process

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Me.  Very emotionally invested.  In the midst of BLM 2020 as a black woman. 

Client Goal

Couture womenswear collection and collection presentation that addresses the pain of the black community in a sensitive and intelligent way.  

"How can I address racism in a way that directly and immediately benefits my community?"


Black Women

Need to sensitively deal with ideas of external and internalized racism, trauma  and privilege.


Design thoughtful garments for women. Consider comfort, size, environmental impact.


Notes from The Social Science Journal

Transcript from interviews with my sister  written over photography by Chloe Rosser

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Adding to personal experience with interviews, blogs, articles, music, essays and data-driven research.

Definitions from

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Watching Youtube interviews to supplement my own.

Reading historical law pertaining to racism and colorism.

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What are the actions black women can take to fight colorism in our community?

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I explored ways female-identifying black artists expressed blackness and their responses to colorism in several mediums. In response, I created metaphors for consistent themes.
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"Each FFGS20 graduate has been nominated directly by the course leaders of 12 leading Undergraduate and Graduate fashion design programs. Nominated FFGS20 graduates were selected based on the strength of thesis portfolios in combination with educator recommendations- of individuals viewed as having strong potential to be design advocates and future change champions – within climate action, social justice, diversity and equitable fashion systems."

The Fashion Futures Graduate Showcase 2020 was an online presentation due to COVID-19.  

colOURS Magazine

As seen on in the Fashion Futures Graduate Showcase 2021.

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To illustrate an application of "Step 01: Dialogue to understand and empathize" from my research I created an Instagram filter to provide opportunity for conversation on diverse black life experiences and to test my solution.

Some of the conversation prompt cards included in the face filter.

Real-life Testing with Instagram & Spark AR